about me

I'm a native New Yorker, newlywed and matrimonial attorney, who spent the better part of a decade navigating my client’s personal struggles by day and the New York City dating scene by night. In, 2014, after many years of disastrous dating, I met my husband through Tinder and last year we made it official.

After many dating trials and tribulations I found my Mr. Right. Lucky for you I made a ton of mistakes in the process! What's more? I help people out with their own relationship mistakes for a living.

LoveLaw is a community where we can discuss relationships from a practical perspective; a place where I can offer support and advice; a place where you can learn from others mistakes. 

I hope you'll join me in making light of the stuff we can't take back and be proactive about putting ourselves in the best spot possible. So, follow, subscribe, speak up and ask questions. That's what LoveLaw's here for.